Business Benefits?

  • One-stop management tool for purchase requisition.
  • Increased efficiency in managing the purchase order process.
  • Cloud hosting - hosted on cloud with 99.99% availability.
  • Transparency of the whole process allowing users to get a complete picture in controlled environment
  • Compatible across all platforms- Desktop, Tablet and smart phones (iOS, Android)
  • Single platform maintenance of all documents related to Purchase orders.
  • Three layers of security which ensures complete data protection.

Creating Purchase Requests

We deep dive into your work processes to gain an in-depth understanding of your systems. This is what helps us create products with customizations suited specifically to your requirements.

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Simplify your work processes with the Purchase Requisition App and unlock the maximum potential of your business.


Seeking Approvals

Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisition

Built to handle scalability issues, the Purchase Requisition app is guaranteed to seamlessly integrate into small, medium and large scale businesses. Often enough, seeking approvals slow down the process but with our user-friendly design, we just may have found you a permanent solution.

Approvals, which are integral to the purchase requisition process, can be managed by altering different layers of approvers and finalizing authorized purchase order cost ranges.

Manage your vendors

Purchase Requisition

Manage your vendors

The Purchase Requisition app is a one-stop shop to all your vendor management and purchase requisition issues.

It streamlines the way purchase orders are processed along with optimizing the internal vendor management system to its maximum potential.

How you ask? Add, remove and connect with various external vendors, queuing and tracking purchase orders along with getting the necessary approvals, all with just a click of a button.

Seeking Approvals

  • Regularly monitoring system operations, process flow and the list of approved/rejected purchase orders
  • A dashboard created specifically for the legal department to approve legal conditions of purchase requisitions
  • Integration to internal company legal management system through API to cover legal/ accounting requirements.
  • Web admin panel to set up approvers (managers/supervisors) by the department
  • Integration with internal company HRMS for login credentials that allows quick access to the manager/ supervisor for approvals and employee information.
Purchase Requisition

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