13 different regions
and languages
An A+ for usability, according
to SEOptimer’s review
Over 16x increase
in traction

Does that 5x seem too good to be true? What if we told you that our marketing team wasn’t involved at all?

Prep yourself to read about the journey of an industry-leading company that develops software for robotics automation processes.

This is a competitive space to be in, and businesses that grow, grow fast. In July of 2016, our client was all set to expand and become a global organization over the next few years. The only major obstacle? Their website wasn’t ready for it yet.

This is where CodeGlo’s developer wizards came in. The idea was to help them reach 13 different global regions, with the entire website being localized in at least 9 different languages. Our team was small (we started with just 4 people), but the faith we had in our methods and ideas was massive.

So an easy plan: take the existing website, clone it a few times, translate all the content, and that’s a fairy tale ending. Right? Not so fast.

A newer challenge surfaced. With over 400 web pages, their existing website needed a complete overhaul in every aspect, be it design, architecture, performance, or security. An SEO audit was required too.

So that’s exactly what we did. Over the next four years, we matched our client’s website against their vision. A total revamp of the website’s architecture and its existing web pages, a complete SEO audit, implementing 3 layers of security, putting the best DevOps practices in place, while simultaneously adding newer web pages for each language.

Over time, our team grew from 4 people to 12, and we went from being able to provide development and maintenance support for 8 hours to offering it round the clock.

Right now, their website boasts a world-class website infrastructure, top-notch security, an incredibly clean content management system, a thorough backup, and a disaster recovery plan, not to mention localization for multiple regions across the world including Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Latin America, and China (for which there are separate websites in traditional and simplified Chinese). All thanks to the developers we have at CodeGlo.

We compared the stats of this RPA company’s website from before CodeGlo got into the picture, to just after we had worked our magic, and the numbers speak for themselves!

EcommerceThe average time spent on the website increased by 138%. Normally websites record a session duration of about 2-3 minutes. In July 2020, the average session length on the site was well over 5 minutes!

EcommerceThe number of monthly users on the website increased more than fivefold.

EcommerceThe website’s bounce rate went down by 36%.

EcommerceThe number of monthly views increased more than 16x.

And that is the kind of magic an efficient team of developers can pull off, irrespective of how small or big the team is.