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Only one percent of websites are currently ADA compliant.
Each lawsuit can cost over $25,000 to settle.
Business owners can be sued several times by different parties, and becoming accessible is the only way out.
Non-compliance with ADA (American Disabilities Act) leads to demand letters and lawsuits heading your company’s way.
ADA is a strict liability law with no excuses or defenses for violations.
Individual state courts in the US have laws similar to the ADA but with harsher penalties, and your business can be sued under those is applicable, too.

What we do at CodeGlo


We will comprehensively inspect all versions of your website and your mobile app, testing them against WCAG 2.1 AA recommendations and flagging all existing accessibility issues across your app and website.


Our experts will categorize the issues under specific WCAG sections, rank them by severity, and give you a thorough report complete with a timeline and a plan of action, helping you comply better with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Go one step further and leave accessibility to us. CodeGlo’s team of dev wizards will fix all the identified issues on your website, letting you focus on the business end of things instead.


Team CodeGlo will help you create web pages and websites from scratch such that they stay accessible from the very start, ensuring that a wider audience can get the complete user experience on your website.

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