Our services include

Through our 'Advise, Build, Run' lifecycle service delivery model, you get an extensive solution suite to facilitate an easier journey to the cloud and help your business innovate and grow.

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Migrating Legacy servers to Cloud

Before you migrate your infrastructure in the Cloud, CodeGlo can help you to define the best configuration you need: server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses, load balancers.

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Setup Cloud infrastructure from scratch

From helping you with your migration to the cloud and the management of your cloud infrastructure, platforms and software, through to providing analytical reports as part of our data services, CodeGlo can help with all aspects of your journey to the cloud.

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Cloud Security and Compliance

Implementing continuous monitoring and response plans for security breaches, establishing appropriate security controls and processes and performing security assessments. Secure your data and ensure that your cloud deployment meets Strict Compliance Requirements.

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Existing Cloud infra maintenance

Eliminate the time and cost associated with IT infrastructure management and hardware maintenance. Enjoy the agility and efficiency of the cloud in a customized environment accessible only to your organization.

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Our team can help you achieve DevOps readiness, speed up application development and gain greater visibility and control. Using the best tools, methodologies and parental controls for your unique requirements, we’ll help you automate, develop, integrate & deliver faster.

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Miscellaneous consulting and infra evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive application portfolio assessment, and offer risk-calibrated recommendations on leveraging a cloud-based solution.

Process We Follow

Backed by a professional architecture team and multi-cloud approach to cloud architecture design, CodeGlo assesses your workload and application needs, to choose the right cloud platform.

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With our proven methodology and deep industry domain expertise, we can empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

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Solution Architecture

Fabricate a technically designed customized cloud solution, by implementing the proposed plans keeping in mind the identified requirements.

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Implementation &
Production deployment

We configure and implement orchestration platforms and cloud automation with DevOps integration and facilitate the management of your cloud resources quickly & easily.

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CodeGlo helps you track resource usage, spend analytics & measure what's lying unused or overspent, and how you can streamline your cloud expenditure.

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Migrating to the cloud? Security is often overlooked. Understanding your risk and compliance requirements is critical. CodeGlo provides the expertise to minimize the risks of cloud migration.

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Our quality experts perform a quality check to assess if the designed cloud architecture meets the execution needs; liberating organizations from incurring costly operational expenses.

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Support &

We offer constant support to ensure the solution is well-managed through 24/7 monitoring, performance optimization, security patching, integration, and testing etc

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Security &

We adopt a unique strategy to monitor private cloud infrastructure round the clock and ensure a secure environment that adheres to organizational security and access policies.


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