CodeGlo’s Web App Development team is known for being quick, accomplished, and consistently reliable

We don’t predict trends. We try and set them.

Are native apps constantly bugging you? Move to web apps that click!

Your customers spend more time checking out your website instead of trying to checkout from the store.

We generate solutions that help you generate revenue.

Others look up to a better company. We make sure there aren’t any.

Your company deserves a long list of features, not a long list of charges.

Build websites made specifically for your needs

Websites with great looks, and greater performance


We develop custom websites for organizations, irrespective of the size of your business. Whatever requirements may be, we have a site that can cater. To our credit, we’ve made great Content Management Systems based on some of the best platforms in the industry (Drupal, WordPress, Moodle, Joomla, you name it.) And we’ve built entire eCommerce stores for our clients (Shopify, osCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce just to name a few.)




web pages
Custom Web Apps that get work done

A lot more speed and mobility, with a lot less loss and interruption


Our WebDev wizards have the capability to bring the speed, features, sophistication, and performance of native apps to any browser, on any platform, thanks to progressive web apps. Additionally, our frontend developers make your apps engaging and built with the most dynamic and sturdy architecture. This is supported by a solid and scalable backend that is extremely flexible and open to integrations. Why be bound by the work desk when you can work more efficiently on the go?


custom web apps built using Ruby on Rails, node.js, PHP, GO Lang, AngularJS, Express.js, Python, and several other frameworks.
Enterprise web apps that remove all organizational inefficiencies

Bespoke apps that are you-centric


Sometimes it’s impossible to find a ready app that has all the features you need for propelling the growth and running of your business. With CodeGlo, we will simply build an app for you instead. Need a content management app, an inventory tracker, or just an easier way to help your customers make payments? We’ve got you covered.


We’ve developed over a dozen enterprise web apps, used by 8000+ enterprise employees
Third-Party Integrations that enhance your app experience

Handpick exactly what your organization needs


Sometimes, apps try to do too much when you only need a little. This might make things unnecessarily complicated or expensive. Instead, at CodeGlo we set up specific third-party integrations that add the exact features and tools you need to your business processes. Need a payment tool for your app? A map and location service? An event management and listing section? We’ve got you covered.


third-party integrations

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