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Artificial Intelligence: How Can It Improve Customer Service?

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“A satisfying customer experience is a key to the success of any product or service.”

Today every business considers ‘taking care of customer service’, as a key factor that drives good sales and maintains a competitive reputation of the brand. Customer service, in recent times, has evolved dramatically bringing generalized changes in the internal processes and automation tasks of a business.

As more and more companies are discovering and exploring the branches of technology, Artificial Intelligence is looked upon as a perfect fit to improve as well as enhance customer experience (CX) and thus, meet the contemporary demands of modern consumers.

The enterprise use of Artificial Intelligence has expanded 270% over the past years and it is predicted that by 2021 end 15% of all the customer service interactions across the globe will be full AI-powered. (A report by Gartner)

The main objective of artificial intelligence for companies applied to customer service is to guarantee service excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to an automation process.

With this, companies can solve frequent doubts and solve simple and common requests made by their clients, in this way, the team of people can focus on the strategic part and only get involved in the most complex cases.

Presently, the ability of companies to differentiate themselves from their competition lies in the quality of the service they offer, being fast, efficient, useful, and personalized that has been made possible with the intervention of technology. Thanks to AI!

Let’s see the roleplay of CX-centered AI.

Artificial Intelligence Improving and Enhancing Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence is part of our lives now, we make use of it daily without even realizing it. This technology has been part of companies as a method of resource optimization and is focused on a key objective, the continuous improvement of the user experience.

#Strengthen Customer Engagement
Artificial Intelligence-powered software systems when applied to practice enable a brand to encourage brand loyalty and improve customer retention rates while bridging the gaps left out manually.

While a human executive may take minutes to resolve a customer query or answer any frequently asked questions, AI-supported bots can accomplish and finish them within seconds, unless human intervention is required in some cases.

Such robust systems provide beneficial solutions like:

  • Predicting activities related to employees, customers, and business health
  • Automating complex manual and repetitive tasks
  • Monitoring and alerting on the state of business
  • Recognizing the changing consumer buying patterns and trends
  • Increasing quality of communications
  • Offering recommendations related to internal issues or customer-facing efforts

While the human workforce may be able to perform all these chores, the speed, efficiency, and accuracy offered by the digital workforce AI systems are non-comparable. Possibilities with AI are endless.

#Offer Proactive-Personalized Customer Service
The internal applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, etc. keep the potential to uncover common customer grievances and render insights into the same.

With data-driven recommendations, brands can make proactive decisions on creating their business strategies to enable consumers to get rid of their problems. This can also be done via personalizing the customer experiences using chatbots that create a seamless customer experience by nipping potential problems in the bud.

Chatbots best deliver expected results when placed at high-traffic areas to solve maximum customer queries, offer tips and suggestions during the research phase, and help users to place orders effortlessly.

Chatbots can be trained and programmed to deliver personalized experiences to the customers in the best possible way.
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#Provide Ideal Solutions through Sentiment Analysis
Online communication can be interpreted in many ways. Thus it’s significant to deal with all types of online interactions that deliver a satisfactory response. Different users might have different questions and with thousands of messaging falls each day, it might become tough to provide every user with an ideal solution or even get troublesome to answer to each one, especially, if the problem is of real importance and needs an immediate solution.

Artificial intelligence systems are capable of analyzing the intention in messages to help agents prioritize the attention they must provide, for example, they can have filters that classify if the customer is “dissatisfied” with a product or if they are “Frustrated” by a bad shopping experience.

Although there are many myths around automation and it might seem that implementing an artificial intelligence system in customer service means that people will lose their jobs, the reality is that the ultimate goal of AI is not to replace human agents, but rather combine both elements to gain quality and efficiency.

#Generate Data-Driven Customer Insights
It’s a cakewalk for AI systems to track, monitor, analyze and extract customer behavior as per their buying patterns. This data showcased by the intelligent systems can be used to create buyer personas, match customers to products they are most likely to buy, and display the content relevant to their search or query.

As part of the approach to strengthening customer relationships, companies use AI to make predictions that allow them to streamline their processes and improve customer service performance. Instantly, the system can scan all existing inventory to recommend similar items that a customer might like.

What all can AI algorithms track:

  • Geo-specific events and activities
  • Customer communications history
  • Purchasing patterns and behaviors
  • On-site interactions
  • Referral sources
  • Psychographic factors
  • And much more

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#Streamline Workflows and Prevents Employee Burnout
By now we know how online-related queries can be well-orchestrated by the powerful AI systems and chatbots implemented at the designated touchpoints. Furthermore, they help in streamlining the other internal team-based processes to allow professionals to shift their focus on more problematic tasks.

The digital bots support employees with managing their workload as they have no dependency on anyone and need no sleep, no rest, no breaks. They are available 24/7*365.

Learning new skills and working tirelessly, delivering consistent performance and productivity a team can rely on them to ensure smooth working of business without any service disruption.

This way technology prevents employee-to-employee dependency to a great extent and also allows them to work in harmony with technology without feeling overburdened or burnt out.

Does your Company Create Memorable Customer Experiences with AI?

AI technology is an evergreen technology of the digital world and will last long becoming more advanced and competitive every day. AI has the potential to understand your customers and establish an interaction that delivers the best customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence offers endless ways to improve and enhance CX. if you haven’t tapped on its potential, allow CodeGlo’s team to uncover its capabilities and apply them to your business to yield profitable results.