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Business Resilience: The Hourly Need

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It’s a universal fact and an undeniable truth of life that no one knows when the next big shock (positive or negative) will enter into our lives and leave us with its concealed consequences.

Being faced with the heat due to the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis, every one of us has closely realized the need to be prepared for the unexpected. It was when during the tough times, reducing the likelihood and impact of the disruptions was sheerly encouraged and promoted through a word called Resilience.

“Resilience is the ability to recover from difficulties to get back into a normal situation or shape.”

Witnessing the growing impact of the situation of the global economy, businesses quite early understood the need to incorporate business resilience against the number of odds and potential prevailing disruptors.

What is Business Resilience?

Business resilience in psychology is the ability to face adversity or threat, and overcome them, reaching a state of well-being, even being able to emerge stronger.

There are conclusive studies that people with high resilience are capable of facing stressful situations at the work level with greater emotional stability, which allows them to face changes more adequately.

When resilience is taken to the business world, one can see that crises can also be taken advantage of. And that is exactly what the concept of resilience refers to. Not only to know how to overcome problems but to what we can and must learn from them.

How to Boost Resilience within your Company?

“Resilience is a skill that can be learned and adapted over time.”

#Resistance to Pressure

Professionals will always be pressured by setbacks. In fact, the higher the position, the more responsibilities it carries. So department leaders need to absorb the pressure and make it natural. And this is where professional resilience comes into play to turn positive all the elements that pressure brings.

#Resistance to Attitude

Inevitably, no manager is spared a crisis during the active life of his company. It is at that moment that the resilient professional must demonstrate that they can remain calm and seek solutions without being carried away by pessimism, stress, or pressure.

#Improvisation Ability

Professional resilience allows you to be flexible and act out of line. Thus, knowing how to improvise is a characteristic that cannot be lacking in a resilient person.


This feature will help you a lot to develop resilience since if you see certain changes coming, it will be much easier for you to act accordingly and adapt to them.

#Guarantee a Good Working Environment

The resilient professional must compensate for all stress by promoting a good work environment. Something that helps in this regard is self-criticism and a sense of humor. Knowing how to laugh at your own mistakes and learn from them will lead to a happy, motivated, and productive team.

What Qualities Make a Business More Resilient?

# Flexible and Agile

How quickly you implement changes is crucial to determining success or failure in the face of a crisis.

# Promote Diversity in Workforce

The existence of a variety of different ideas and views when tackling a problem will always lead to more original and effective solutions.

#Handle Data Strenuously

As we have said, it is difficult to know when the next great crisis is going to erupt, but the more information we have about our sector, possible regulatory changes that affect us, our competition, our clients, about market trends, fluctuations in the economy, etc. We will be in a better position to anticipate what is going to happen or at least react as soon as possible to changes.

#Support Networks

Resilient companies have better support networks: suppliers, friendly companies, collaborators, associations, clusters, etc. They are also usually companies that have internal support networks among colleagues and between leaders and employees: mentoring programs, coaching, strong and motivating leadership.

#Possess Leaders and a Strong Company Culture

All team members know the objectives, the milestones to be achieved and the goals to be pursued. Internal communication is clear and effective.

#Hire Resilient Professionals

They are people who are committed to the environment, they know how to control their emotions, they adapt easily to changes. They are usually well-traveled and cultured people. All of this makes them less vulnerable to pressure and stress.

So, is Resilience Part of your Business Strategy?

The dynamics of the business environment entirely depend on the Resilience value it possesses. And amid the competition and tough times, objectives of a business strategy must contain room for constant innovation that allows it to foresee, contrast, and adapt its processes as per the needs and demands.

Professionals at CodeGlo have developed Resilience in a series of soft skills and use it as part of team management and motivation tools that establish a culture capable of absorbing changes and ruptures. We know how to sustain ourselves economically and digitally, do you?

If you need any type of support in strengthening your business resilience, flexibility, and adaptability, get in touch with us and know how you can streamline your growth and revenue success.