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Hashtags: How to Make their Effective Use on Social Platforms?

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The word Hashtag comes from the union of two words: ‘hash’ (numeral or pad) and ‘tag’ (label) and that is exactly what it is in the overall context, a label that we put to our content in networks to order it by themes.

Presently, we all know what a Hashtag (#) is and we have seen its extensive use over a number of social media platforms.

But do we clearly understand and know its correct use?

The most used hashtags exceed 400 million tags on Instagram, but the key to using them appropriately and effectively is something that brands must decipher.

If seen from the content perspective, the social media world has endless components, among them occurs the use of hashtags associated with profiles of people, influencers, brands, and mentioned at the end of the small text or context or posts.

Hashtags are words that go according to the content and are significant to help an individual have access to more related and concise information at instant disposal, along with greater visibility, interaction, and content monitoring of the published post.

How to use a Hashtag on social networks?

The vast majority will think that placing a hashtag on Instagram is the same as placing a hashtag on LinkedIn because if you did this, you are making a serious mistake. Here’s how you can use # on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


The first thing to do with a hashtag that you want to use is to see if it is relevant and has reached the professional network par excellence. In this social network, the labels help to filter by themes helping to achieve better reaches when you publicize a brand, product, or service.

Remember that here, less is more.


One of the social networks where hashtags are the most important is because they can quickly become a trend. Here at least you must place two hashtags in your tweets. Also, remember to check the trending topics of the day, to be able to know what the trends are, to have a boost and have better results.


On Facebook, hashtags are not as successful as on Instagram or Twitter, but it is necessary to have at least two. However, where they do perform are in surveys, raffles, or special dates, if they are welcomed by the communities and become trends.


Instagram is the king of the hashtag, but many do not know how to make good use of this component that is so important for content.

HubSpot says that it is best to use four hashtags and not only in the text of the post but also in the comments. Here, unlike Twitter, you can follow the trends or the tags you want to use.

An important fact is that on Instagram it is advisable not to use the most popular hashtags and those that have nothing to do with what you share.

List of Top 20 Instagram Hashtags as of July 2021:

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Hashtag Types: For Different Social Media Marketing Campaigns


The organization of contests with specific hashtags for users to participate and the hashtag (and by the way, us), is made known.


Brand Promotion

The creation of a brand hashtag, or the ‘hashtagization’ of a claim. By appropriating a hashtag, people interact directly with the brand and with the company, which increases the possibility that they end up becoming customers.



Use specific content hashtags that have to do with our brand or discipline to reach our target audience. Or use hashtags of less specific content but it may be interesting for our target.


[NB: Never miss the context of the topic in concerns of what you are mentioning a hashtag.]


And here the previous point is applied again: if we take advantage of a trend, we have to do it VERY well.



Every day a new hashtag is created. Make sure that the used hashtag relates to your activity done on a specific day or daily routine.



Use adequate keywords to describe your product/service and its offerings.



Despite using geo-tags, it’s preferable to use hashtags that point to your location.


So are you Growing your Social Engagement with a Consistent Use of Hashtags?

Although the hashtag has expanded borders, conquering other areas of communication and jumping to televisions, advertisements, and online marketing campaigns, are you using it well in your Social Media Strategy to organize your content and make it reach a global audience?

If not, connect with marketing experts at CodeGlo who can help you leverage your Inbound Marketing with hashtags of any category and any reason of use over diverse social networks.